About the Ranch

The Dowe Ranch – Hall Valley, Texas

Spring Wildflowers
Spring Wildflowers on the Ranch

The Dowe Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in the Hill Country of central Texas. The Ranch has been in the family for over one hundred years and today is operated by the 5th generation of the family. The northern part of the ranch is about a section and the southern part is about a half section with the distance between the two parts being about 3 miles. The neighboring ranches are similar in size. The northern part has three small lakes and is covered by live oak wood lands. The southern part has three small lakes and is mostly rolling meadow land.

The Ranch is rich in wild life because of the terrain, vegetation, water and because the family manages the ranch for both wild life (including butterflies) and livestock. The breath of wild life on the ranch can best be described by, if they live in central texas then some of them live on the Ranch, this includes one mama mountain lion who passes through the Ranch.

Given that the Ranch is a working ranch, the Main Ranch house is simple and large. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, a large dining room and a great room. Nothing fancy, just clean and simple.

The Ranch is located between Richland Springs and Brady and is about 10 miles north of US 190. It is a half our drive to the nearest gas station or store. The only traffic by the Ranch is the school bus twice a day and once a day the postman comes by. Other than that, occasionally a local rancher drives by.

Hunting Area By Corners Latitude Longitude
South East 31.285567 -99.051910
South West 31.283733 -99.066851
North West 31.292168 -99.292122
North Center 31.292122 -99.058697
North East 31.287905 -99.052474

Hunting on the Ranch

For the past eight years the hunting rights to the ranch were leased by a group of naturalist and they only hunted with cameras. During that time the only shooting was to the extent necessary to maintain a health deer population and it was done by the Ranch.

The hunting rights on the Ranch are once again available for leasing. But before you consider offering to lease the hunting rights you should be aware that the ranch is very remote from medical services, and has many potential risk and if you call the EMS, well they may or may not show for an hour or more.  If you do not have air medical transport insurance then it is recommend that you consider purchasing it before hunting on the Ranch. The family uses Air Medcare, 1-800-793-0010

Things you may want to know

  1. Outside of the main Ranch house there is no internet and limited cell phone service.  The ranch does have a phone line.
  2. The drinking water is well water unless you bring your own water.
  3. There is a hookup for a trailer electrical connection.
  4. There is a hookup for a trailer waste water dump.
  5. There is a fire pit area for camp fires.
  6. Parking is under live oak trees.
  7. When you leave the house area, you should be carrying a shotgun or rifle, because of the potential of a wild animal attack.
  8. There is no hunting from Monday through Sunday in the week in which the Thursday of Thanksgiving occurs.
  9. You are permitted to drive only on the mowed ranch roads.
  10. There are parts of the Ranch that are off-limits, such as the barns, sheds and equipment.
  11. The exact terms and conditions of the Hunting Lease will be determined by what you want and what the Ranch agrees to. An example of a hunting lease can be found below.

Leasing the Ranch

At this time, the hunting lease for 2018 has been leased. Thank you!